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Hamilton on course for finest world title: It certainly would be

Hamilton on course for finest world title: "It certainly would be"

02-12-2021 18:42 Last update: 19:41


Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are fighting for the world title for two more Grands Prix. The Englishman is full of confidence and hopes that this season again luck is on his side, although Verstappen makes it very difficult for him. Should he win, he believes it would be the best world title he has ever won in his career.

"It certainly would be," he responded in an interview with Motorsport.com."This is something no one has ever accomplished anyway. We've done this in the toughest conditions we've had in a long time. It's been quite a challenge for the collective, especially in a pandemic and everything we've been through."

Hamilton hits a high note this season

A world title from Hamilton would mean Michael Schumacher's record goes out of the books. The German won seven world championships in his lifetime, but Hamilton may be going over that. It makes the Mercedes driver feel proud.

He saw himself performing above average at times this season, like in Brazil. Where Hamilton had to start from the back due to a grid penalty, he finished in first place. "Maybe in Brazil I performed at a level I haven't often done before, but I've had to brush away a gap before."

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