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'Hamilton and Verstappen owe it to themselves to keep it clean'

'Hamilton and Verstappen owe it to themselves to keep it clean'

02-12-2021 08:56 Last update: 09:25

In 1994 Damon Hill missed out on the world title due to a crash with his rival Michael Schumacher in the final race. The Briton, who would eventually win the world title in 1996, hopes Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will keep it sporting.

In 2021, there is finally another title fight and it might just last until the end of the year. Verstappen could become world champion in Saudi Arabia, but that chance is extremely small. That means there is a very high probability that it will come down to the final race in Abu Dhabi and that could create extra pressure.

A fair fight between Verstappen and Hamilton

''It would be unfortunate for Formula 1 if it ends with a crash. It feels like an obligation that it has to remain sporty, I think. I want to end the championship with a feeling that it has been a great battle, where two worthy opponents competed against each other and that the best man from the best team won. You don't want to have animosity hanging over the championship in the end,'' Damon Hill said according to

According to Hill, it will be difficult for the leader not to defend aggressively though. ''If Max is leading and it becomes a direct duel, it becomes very difficult for a driver to resist an aggressive defence, that is very attractive at such a moment,'' the former world champion concludes.

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