No new engine for Verstappen: "You don't want five places to be taken away"

01-12-2021 20:43 | Updated: 01-12-2021 22:57
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No new engine for Verstappen: You don't want five places to be taken away

After the announcement of Mercedes that Lewis Hamilton will race in Saudi Arabia with his 'miracle engine', the rumour mill started to spin around the engine of Max Verstappen. Honda are also considering an engine change and a grid penalty, but according to Ralf Schumacher there is no truth in that.

Earlier, the rumor was also denied by Red Bull Racing chief Helmut Marko. In addition, Honda would not be able to benefit from a new power source with a higher engine setting to the same extent as Mercedes does. Schumacher also thinks he knows for sure: there will be no engine change for Verstappen.

"There were rumours that Red Bull were planning an engine change. Funnily enough, I just got a phone call: There will be no new engine this weekend," said the former Formula One driver at the German branch of Sky Sports.

Red Bull don't want to start race with disadvantage

"You want to take advantage of the lead you have and not have five places taken away," he continued. "You may still react after the weekend. That's the plan at the moment," Schumacher said.

Marko also stated that Red Bull only sees an engine change as an option in Abu Dhabi, but even then the team will not take any unnecessary risks. Should Verstappen win the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, it may be the safer option to take a new engine for the final race. If Hamilton wins, however, Red Bull will not want to give away valuable starting places in Abu Dhabi either.

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