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Norris has worked through his grief: 'I'm over it'

Norris has worked through his grief: 'I'm over it'

01-12-2021 16:28 Last update: 22:53


Daniel Ricciardo allowed McLaren to enjoy a Grand Prix victory for the first time in many years this season. With a bit more luck, his teammate Lando Norris would also have been on the top step of the podium, but the Brit saw a seemingly certain victory slip through his fingers in pouring rain in Russia.

No regrets

There is sometimes speculation that Norris has not been himself since the disappointment in Russia. That that unfortunate afternoon is still going around in his head a little too much. In an interview with the BBC Nationals he looks back on that ultimately disappointing race. "I think I'm over it," he explained. "Of course, when people remind me of it, it's still very disappointing because it was that first opportunity to win a race in F1."

Norris called it "gutting" the way it ended up. "We made the wrong decision but I wouldn't say I regret anything I did from my side. I did what I thought was best at the time. I never feel I can say it's the team's fault, but… I could have advised them better but if you just think of it in simple terms of me and Lewis had the same mentality of what we thought was best, and that was to stay on track."

Staying ahead of Lewis

Norris hoped the rain would stop soon. And then, yes then: "If it didn't rain any more, I'm 99.999% sure I would've won the race. The only person who would've beaten me was Lewis if he managed to get past. And when he boxed [pitted], if it didn't rain any more, I'm 100% sure I would've won race - he wouldn't have been able to catch me."

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