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Title fight takes its toll on Marko: It's slowly wearing you down

Title fight takes its toll on Marko: "It's slowly wearing you down"

01-12-2021 12:21 Last update: 12:51


For the first time since 2013, Red Bull Racing could be in serious contention for the title. With two races to go and a minuscule points difference between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, the excitement is building for Helmut Marko as well.

Marko slowly exhausted

"We are not afraid," Marko said in an interview with RTL/ntv. However, the Red Bull advisor must confess that it has been a tough season. Not only because of the exciting title fight, the long season is also taking its toll.

"The intensity of this world championship battle surpasses anything you've seen in the past. It's always there. You're constantly thinking about what you can do differently, do better. It slowly exhausts you."

Hamilton and Verstappen evenly matched

In the Drivers' Championship, Verstappen has an eight-point lead over Hamilton, but that lead is not really comfortable. "That's a buffer, but not enough," Marko acknowledged. Still, Verstappen can take advantage of this. "For the strategic set-up of the race, that's definitely a safety margin and Max will definitely take that into account."

Verstappen and Hamilton have been very evenly matched this season and we've seen fierce battles on track between the two on a regular basis, sometimes ending in tears. "When those two meet, it's always very close. There is always a certain tension. Nobody wants to give in, which is understandable. That would strengthen the other's morale."

Perez and Bottas have a role to play

Verstappen and Hamilton are not the only players in the title fight between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing, Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas are also indispensable. "It is crucial that the second driver races at eye level. That helps the leader and makes strategy much easier." Still, Verstappen and Hamilton will ultimately have to fight it out together. "Nobody else comes along in this battle. It's so intense, everything has to be right on both sides."

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