'Title battle between Verstappen and Hamilton decided by stewards?'

01-12-2021 08:07 | Updated: 01-12-2021 12:32
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'Title battle between Verstappen and Hamilton decided by stewards?'

Max Verstappen must do everything possible to start on the front row of the grid and gain a position on the track in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. That is the opinion of Mark Hughes after the impressive pace Mercedes showed in the last few races.

Hamilton on the hunt

In Brazil and Qatar Mercedes, and especially Lewis Hamilton, were supreme. With two wins in a row the gap to Verstappen has been reduced to eight points, so the title fight is still alive. In fact, Hughes argues that Verstappen will have a tough time becoming World Champion.

''The performance of the Red Bull-Honda and the Mercedes has ebbed and flowed all season so there could be yet another inversion to the expected form. That wouldn't be such a massive surprise given 2021's volatile competitive order, but as things stand, it looks like Red Bull and Verstappen face a very big challenge in retaining that points lead," the F1 expert said in his column for Sky Sports.

To the stewards

"If that Mercedes pace advantage carries into these two races, Verstappen's task is to at least get onto the front row and try to take track position from Hamilton, either at the start or through strategy."

According to Hughes, a situation where Verstappen sits in front of Hamilton with a slower Red Bull could make for interesting scenes. "With the slower car ahead (if indeed the Red Bull is that), things could get very interesting - because in such a situation Hamilton absolutely must get past. Given their history together this year, it isn't out of the question that this title could be decided by a stewards decision - which isn't what anyone wants to see," Hughes concluded.

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