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Alfa Romeo telephone red-hot: 'Zhou financial advantage already noticeable'.

Alfa Romeo telephone red-hot: 'Zhou financial advantage already noticeable'.

30-11-2021 18:27 Last update: 20:05


Alfa Romeo is the team where the driver line-up will change the most in 2021. Kimi Raikkonen will be traded in for compatriot Valtteri Bottas and Antonio Giovinazzi will free up the seat for Guanyu Zhou. Team boss Frédéric Vasseur has already noticed the financial benefits that the Chinese driver brings.

Money played role in choice of Zhou

Giovinazzi proclaimed immediately after announcing he would no longer drive in F1 for Alfa Romeo, that big money had beaten him to it. It has become the most winged statement of his career. Zhou is bringing a large bag of sponsor money to the team. Although team boss Vasseur emphasizes that the Chinese is mainly brought in because of his talent and skill, he does not deny that there is a substantial financial gain associated with the arrival of Zhou.

Vasseur previously admitted that money played a role in contracting Zhou. To Motorsport-magazin.com Vasseur now tells more: "It is certain that there will be some support, although it is not that what Zhou brings. I just think there's a lot of hype. I think it is a huge opportunity for the company. In the last few weeks, more sponsors have called than in the last 25 years."

Vasseur wants balance

According to Vasseur, with all the potential new sponsors jumping on the company, the arrangement can only work if there is a proper balance. That means Zhou must also do well on the track. Vasseur: "For me, it can work if Zhou performs on the track. It's always about balance. Look at what he's doing now in Formula 2; I'm convinced he can do the same in Formula 1."

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