Verstappen feels sorry for Koeman after Barcelona dismissal
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Verstappen feels sorry for Koeman after Barcelona dismissal

30-11-2021 08:30 Last update: 08:48

We know that Max Verstappen is a big fan of Eindhoven football club PSV, but the Dutchman also supports FC Barcelona from Spain. Ronald Koeman recently had to leave due to poor results at the club that has won the Champions League five times. Verstappen feels sorry for his fellow countryman.

"I love football. My favourite team in the Netherlands is PSV Eindhoven, but let's say internationally it's FC Barcelona," Verstappen said in conversation with DAZN. Koeman was succeeded by Xavi, a successful former player of the top team. "Xavi is fantastic, although of course, I feel sorry for Ronald Koeman. He's Dutch, he had to leave and was also a club legend, but you know the club is in a difficult situation."

Verstappen enjoys young talent

The current Barcelona is (at the moment) no longer comparable to that of the past, but according to Verstappen that also provides advantages. Under Koeman, for example, many young players have been given the chance to break through, something that was a lot more difficult a few years ago."This gives young people a great opportunity to grow and be successful," said the 24-year-old Dutchman, who hopes Xavi can pull the team out of the doldrums. I'm curious to see what will happen."

Not only Verstappen but also Lewis Hamilton is a fan of Barcelona. The Spaniards in Formula 1, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz, have a fondness for arch-rival Real Madrid.

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