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'Schumacher needs a better car and teammate to compete'

'Schumacher needs a better car and teammate to compete'

29-11-2021 14:50 Last update: 16:34


Mick Schumacher is almost done with his first season in Formula 1, but it hasn't always been easy for him. Felipe Massa stressed in an interview with Speedweek that it's not just the bad car and teammate that are a burden for the German, but the Schumacher name is too.

Michael Schumacher, the father of Mick Schumacher, has driven in Formula 1 for 18 years and has been world champion seven times. The first leg of his Formula One career ended in 2006 at Ferrari with Massa as his teammate. Now the Brazilian sees his son driving in Formula 1, but he doesn't dare compare the two. After all, Schumacher senior drove a much better car and at a better team.

"The Haas is the worst car in Formula 1. He doesn't have the best teammate. If he had someone with more experience, he would compete much better. We have to wait until he has a better car and a better teammate."

'The pressure is extremely high'

2022 could yet be the year the 22-year-old driver has a better car, as the new regulations could ensure the Haas becomes a fast car. Still, it will remain difficult for the Haas driver to have to bear the Schumacher surname. "The Schumacher name is a burden for Mick. It helps him get sponsors and he gets a lot of support from them. But people expect things he can never deliver. The pressure is extremely high."

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