Marko points out difference between drivers: "Verstappen is fast in every car"

29-11-2021 13:34 | Updated: 29-11-2021 14:38
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Marko points out difference between drivers: Verstappen is fast in every car

Because Max verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are so closely matched, the teams have to ensure that their driver can win. Red Bull Racing and Mercedes swap the proverbial penny every so many races. Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Perez are therefore more crucial than ever. Red Bull helped Perez along the way.

Checho needed certainty

Not only is the championship battle between Verstappen and Hamilton exciting, the constructors' title is also still up for grabs for the two teams. Although Verstappen was already doing very well in the first half of the season, Perez lagged behind and there was also a bigger gap to Mercedes in the constructors' championship.

Red Bull took steps during the summer break to make Perez drive better. The team proclaims that their approach has worked. Auto Motor und Sport quotes team boss Christian Horner: "We sat down during the summer break and we realised that we would get a better Checo if we gave him more security." Red Bull, therefore, gave him a contract extension.

Red Bull stronger in second half

Horner continued: "The second half of the season proves us right because Checo has become much better." Perez is breathing down the neck of Bottas who is now only 13 points ahead of the Mexican. When it comes to numbers, however, Perez's improvement seems marginal. Red Bull's second driver has gone from an average 9.45 points per race to 9.55 points per race. Of course, the team did intervene at times to keep Verstappen ahead.

Advisor Dr Helmut Marko mentions an important difference between the two Red Bull drivers: "Max is fast in every car. Give him something and he's already driving at full speed on the second lap." That's not the case with Perez and in addition, according to Marko, the Mexican is also not able to adapt as quickly to changing situations, such as tyre changes and set-up adjustments: "It takes longer with him to adapt."

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