Ricciardo reveals true nature: "Then I'm a f**** psychopath"

29-11-2021 12:38 | Updated: 29-11-2021 14:36
by GPblog.com
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Ricciardo reveals true nature: Then I'm a f**** psychopath

Good-humoured Australian Daniel Ricciardo isn't always the good-humoured Australian we usually see. The McLaren driver admits he can be a sore loser and is so competitive he can explode if he doesn't win.

Ricciardo bad loser

Ricciardo doesn't have many angry outbursts but a big smile and a good way of dealing with setbacks. In conversation with Autosport.com Ricciardo says that this is not the case and that his competitiveness sometimes expresses itself in an aggressive way.

"I do know where it comes from," the Honey Badger begins. "As a kid, I was always a raw competitor in everything, whether it was table tennis or a game of Uno. I just hated to lose. Over the years and with maturity, I can handle losing better, but I'm still a sore loser in some ways."

Ricciardo becomes a psychopath

This year at McLaren in particular must be a tough one for Ricciardo. Although he did manage to get a win, he has to underperform his younger teammate Lando Norris by a lot for the rest of the season. He and the whole team have been in pretty bad shape over the last three races, barely scoring any points.

Ricciardo can now better channel his anger and stress that he has hurt himself in the past by destroying things around him. Ricciardo: "Michael, my trainer, knows when I'm like this, and he hugs me then to stop me and calm me down. It's funny because people probably don't expect it, but when it comes to competition, I'm a f**** psychopath."

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