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Capito warns Hamilton about Russell: He is strong enough

Capito warns Hamilton about Russell: "He is strong enough"

29-11-2021 12:14 Last update: 14:34


George Russell will replace Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes in 2022. With that, Lewis Hamilton will have a rising star alongside him. Russell's current team boss at Williams, Jost Capito, is warning the seven-time world champion against the younger Brit.

Hamilton has been warned

With great patience, Russell has bided his time and awaited his spot at Mercedes. In 2022, he will most likely have to take on teammate Hamilton at the front of the field. The Mercedes senior has had a tough enough time in 2021 with the new generation of F1 drivers in the person of Max Verstappen, but in 2022 he will have another rival from that generation.

At least that's what Williams chief Capito expects. At Sport 1 the team boss says: "Yes, he can challenge Hamilton. I have worked with many drivers, but George is really excellent. Also how he can get a team behind him is impressive. At 23 he is already incredibly professional. Very important is how he deals with pressure. The bigger the pressure, the stronger he gets."

Williams without Russell

Williams must say goodbye to their leader on the tarmac with the Brit's departure. Russell was already showing performances in 2020 that seemed impossible with the inferior Williams material but took the crown in 2021 with a podium and a top three qualification. Capito is therefore going to miss the unwieldy talent:

"George is mentally, driving-wise and technically strong enough to put pressure on Lewis. That's what he wants too. Of course I am sad that he is leaving. On the other hand I'm also happy for him, because he will be driving for an absolute top team." At the same time, Russell is also clearing a spot for the return of another driver of his generation, Alexander Albon.

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