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Sauber chief disappears: 'Don't want to be associated with this'

Sauber chief disappears: 'Don't want to be associated with this'

29-11-2021 10:53 Last update: 12:24


Pascal Picci, former director of Sauber, has slammed the door behind him. The man who saved the team in 2016 no longer wants to be associated with the management of Frederic Vasseur.

Departure of Sauber chief

Picci told his story in the Swiss media, but it was not picked up. The man who was in charge of Sauber, the mother company of the Formula 1 team that races under the Alfa Romeo name, left before the Grand Prix of Mexico. In conversation with the Italian branch of Motorsport.com he explains why.

''Yes, I have closed the door behind me. I resigned as managing director of the Sauber Group a few days before the Mexican GP,'' says Picci. Asked why he did this, he is more than clear: ''I no longer want to be associated with the management of Fred Vasseur.''

Choice of Bottas

Picci was reportedly unhappy with the choices made in terms of drivers. Antonio Giovinazzi, for example, was pushed aside and was replaced by Guanyu Zhou. ''The way the drivers have been chosen has been a breaking point in the relationship with the current management.

Picci would have preferred to see Giovinazzi and Zhou as a duo, but saw that Vasseur was influenced by Toto Wolff and Mercedes. Indeed, Valtteri Bottas was brought in and Gio had to leave. ''I am sorry that Antonio can no longer be here, but am also happy for Zhou. I know this young Chinese man and his family. We wanted him in the Sauber squad and of course he also opens up interesting commercial markets'', Picci concluded.

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