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Hamilton hasn't driven the 2022 car in the simulator yet

Hamilton hasn't driven the 2022 car in the simulator yet

29-11-2021 08:23 Last update: 08:40


Lewis Hamilton says he is very involved in the development of the car for 2022, but hasn't driven it yet. Speaking to Motorsport.com, the Brit explains why he is not doing so for now.

In 2022 the regulations for the cars will be completely different and that means the teams will have to design a new car. In this phase where teams can't benchmark with each other, they have to work with their own knowledge and feedback from the drivers. Hamilton already plays a crucial role in this.

The Mercedes in 2022

''I am in constant contact with the team. Even after our races I always talk about it: 'Where is our car now, this is what I want on the car next year, pay attention to that, these problems I have with the engine, I don't want them next year so fix them' and things like that. I have conversations with the bosses about it all the time'', says the seven-time world champion.

According to the current number two of the world championship, however, there is no point for him to get into the simulator right now. ''At the moment, with the progression that is being made in the wind tunnel, there is no point in driving the car because it is being developed at lightning speed'', concludes the Mercedes driver who is not a big fan of the simulator anyway.

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