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McLaren and AlphaTauri lose battle: this is the amount of money they lose

McLaren and AlphaTauri lose battle: this is the amount of money they lose

28-11-2021 13:48


Formula 1 is gearing up for a thrilling championship battle between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. In the remainder of the Constructors' Championship, however, there are also plenty of battles taking place. Where Ferrari seems to be winning from McLaren, Alpine is seemingly staying ahead of AlphaTauri. What's in it for the teams?

McLaren was very strong at the beginning of the season. Although the British stable saw Daniel Ricciardo disappoint in the first half of the season, Lando Norris appeared to be in a golden period. The driver was able to slot in between Hamilton and Verstappen, who were also in great form at the time, doing his team a great service in the Constructors' Championship.

How different is it at the end of the season though. Partly due to an engine change, Ferrari performed extremely well in the autumn and were consistently ahead of McLaren in recent races. It ensured that the Italian formation could catch up very quickly and is now almost 40 points ahead of the competition. With two races to go McLaren will therefore find it very difficult to come alongside.

Alpine and AlphaTauri fight for fourth place

Right behind them, the tension has also been palpable in recent months. AlphaTauri hoped to profit from the formidable Pierre Gasly who especially left a good impression during the free practices. The Italian team had the misfortune that Yuki Tsunoda wasn't having a very strong season and missed out on a lot of points for the championship.

Alpine, on the other hand, is on the rise, as last weekend proved. Fernando Alonso managed to get on the podium at the Qatar Grand Prix, scoring 15 points for his team. Esteban Ocon also finished in fifth place, giving the team a 25 point lead over AlphaTauri. The gap is not unachievable for the French, but it will not give them confidence.

McLaren and AlphaTauri lose a lot of money

Especially for McLaren it can be a painful conclusion when the team doesn't come further than a fourth place in the constructors' championship. The difference between third and fourth place can be as much as 50 million dollars, which is almost 45 million euros. At AlphaTauri, however, that amount is a lot less. It is said that the difference is only a few million euros. Nevertheless, every dollar is worth it for the teams.

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