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Schumacher clear: 'Many fans might not understand that'

Schumacher clear: 'Many fans might not understand that'

28-11-2021 12:28 Last update: 12:52


Mick Schumacher is having a difficult year in Formula 1 this season. The Haas driver has been consistently at the back of the field and has not scored a single point for his team. Nevertheless, Schumacher feels he deserves to be trusted.

The son of Michael Schumacher got to experience what it's like to be part of Formula 1 from a young age. In an interview with F1insider.com, he stressed that it is different when you experience it yourself.

"I have my own experiences now, but nothing really surprised me. In general, Formula 1 has changed from the past," he stressed. "What many fans may not understand is that all cars are different and unfortunately ours is the slowest. That's why I stressed that, despite this initial situation, not everything was bad. It is clear to the insiders that we are doing well with what we have. And we should be proud of that."

Battle between Mazepin and Schumacher

On the track, he showed fierce battles with teammate Nikita Mazepin. According to Schumacher, however, this was not too bad. "Internally, it was actually a lesser duel. It was new and unusual for me to be so open about certain topics in the media. But in the end I didn't really get involved, I just kept doing my thing."

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