'What makes Red Bull Racing's fuel tank so advanced and so safe'

22-09-2021 07:27
by GPblog.com

In a video from Mobil 1 The Grid, Natalie Pinkham explains what's special about Red Bull Racing's fuel and fuel tank. The collaboration with ExxonMobil seems to be paying off for the team.

Tank of Red Bull

In Formula 1, the fuel tanks are now made of military material. This is necessary when you see the impact these cars have to endure at high speed. If the fuel could catch fire, the driver wouldn't be safe just in front of the tank. Safety in F1 has improved a lot over the years though.

In the Tech Tuesday video from Red Bull's partner, Pinkham explains what's special about today's fuel tanks. She explains the material it's made of, and the instruments used to precisely measure the state of the tank. A fine piece of engineering.

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