How can Mercedes still beat Red Bull's team in 2021?

30-06-2021 17:18

With a streak of wins, Red Bull Racing seems to have the upper hand at the moment. Toto Wolff has revealed that Mercedes are not developing their car further for this year. So how can the team still beat Red Bull?

The new video from Autosport highlights three ways Mercedes can still beat Red Bull this season. The first is through the car set up. With this, small gains can be made from the car. Even though the car is not being developed further, Mercedes still has some smaller upgrades for the W12 that they were already working on.

Strategy and 'wingman' Bottas

Strategy is also mentioned. We have already seen this season that this can play a crucial role for victory, like during the Grand Prix of France to the advantage of Max Verstappen.

Finally, the second driver in the team can make a difference. With the arrival of Sergio Perez , Verstappen has a teammate who can help him in the championship. Valtteri Bottas has not been the most consistent this season, but if he can regain his form he could play a big role for Mercedes.

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