Video | Newly released trailer F1 2021 reveals new game features

16-06-2021 18:55

One month from today, on Friday July 16, the new official Formula 1 game will be released: F1 2021. What can we expect from the new game? Ahead of the release date, a trailer has been released on the game's YouTube channel, showcasing a taste of the new game features.

Braking Point

First we can see that a new story mode is coming, called Braking Point. In it, the player starts with a Formula 2 team, and must work their way up to Formula 1. This storyline will take place over three seasons, where the player will be immersed in the drama and turmoil both on and off the track.

Two-Player Career Mode

There will also be a two-player career mode which can be customised to suit your needs. Players can choose to work together or compete against each other, while being offered contracts and the ability to switch teams. Players can also choose to join their own team and compete against the rest of the grid.

Real-Season Start

With this feature you can choose to jump into the current season and drive the rest of the races. The standings look like they are in real life. In addition, a number of other features are introduced, including Casual mode. This is a sort of entry mode and may be of interest to the novice F1 gamer. For the seasoned player, there is also Expert mode, where the game can be set up to the player's liking down to the smallest detail.

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