Grosjean acts as fireman: emergency services have to keep the Frenchman away

14-06-2021 07:56

Romain Grosjean was in action on the track during the IndyCar race in Detroit, however, it was not the action you would expect from a racing driver. The Frenchman did everything he could to extinguish his own car.

Grosjean as a fireman

After skipping the Indy 500, Romain Grosjean returned to action at the IndyCar race in Detroit. It was not a great success for the Frenchman, who was classified 23rd and 24th for the two races at the circuit. Nevertheless, the former Formula 1 driver was in action when his car caught fire.

Grosjean rushed to the side of the road for a fire extinguisher and did everything he could to extinguish the fire. The marshals came to his aid, but Grosjean wanted to do it himself. The Frenchman eventually had to be kept away from the fire.

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