Video | Horner gives tour of Red Bull Racing's sustainable 'tree house'

04-05-2021 19:52

Red Bull Racing's Milton Keynes grounds are in full swing. Not only are the facilities for Red Bull Powertrains' engine project being developed, but for the new season, a brand new engineering house has been built that travels with the team every race weekend. Team principal Christian Horner gives us a tour of the new engine house.

Red Bull's new sustainable motorhome

"Welcome to Red Bull Racing's treehouse," Horner heralds the video. The new motorhome not only looks beautiful, but it is also more durable than normal motorhomes because it is made entirely of wood. The motorhome houses the team's engineers and a lot of parts such as the tyres of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

When Horner walks inside we see a space filled with tyres. "On the left Max's, on the right Sergio's," Horner explains. "They are kept at temperature to make sure they are ready for use at any moment." He also gives us a look at the different areas of the building, where we see IT staff at work and more storage areas for parts, among other things.

Upstairs is the area for the engineers, where they hold meetings, for example. "A race engineer can spend up to forty hours here. It's all connected to the factory, so they also get all the telemetry and data", Horner says. We see a room full of engineers, all working on their own dataset. These engineers will be present at almost every European race of the season.

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