Why the overtaking of Verstappen was illegal and Hamilton's actions were not

31-03-2021 06:52
by GPblog.com

The main topic of discussion after the Bahrain Grand Prix was the Track Limits. Why was Max Verstappen's overtaking illegal, while Lewis Hamilton was allowed to keep the same line for several laps? Will Buxton explains in his new video.

Track Limits in Formula 1 are always an interesting topic of conversation. Where there are gravel strips outside the track on old tracks, there are many more run-off strips on modern tracks. These run-off strips are used by drivers to drive a faster lap, but is it legal?

Hamilton versus Verstappen

In Bahrain it has been going back and forth for years and after the drivers had driven over the kerbs of turn four a lot in the first free practice, Michael Masi wanted to reintroduce Track Limits there. However, outside free practice and qualifying the stewards were unable to monitor these track limits.

Where an action of Verstappen was immediately labelled as illegal, it took more than 30 laps before someone realised that Hamilton was gaining one or two tenths every lap by using the racing line outside the track. So when is it a permanent advantage under the rules? Buxton explains the difference in his new video.

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