Ricciardo catches up with forgotten 'Shoey' and continues rich history

16-10-2020 10:30
by GPblog.com

Does he do it or does he not do it? Daniel Ricciardo's 'Shoey' became a phenomenon at Red Bull Racing, but after the Eifel Grand Prix it didn't happen. Ricciardo caught up with this after the race.

In the years at Red Bull Racing Ricciardo introduces something new in Formula 1: A 'Shoey'. Drinking out of the shoe used to be a symbol of bringing good luck, but in this century it was mainly done in Australia. Among athletes, Ricciardo wasn't the first to do it, because in 2015 David Reynolds was already in the Supercars with a shoe in his hand after his victory and MotoGP rider Jack Miller did the same after his victory in 2016.

Ricciardo's Shoey

In 2016 Ricciardo continued this trend in Formula 1 and even did a Shoey for a podium in the beginning, but after a while only for a victory. A podium for Renault would normally mean a 'Shoey', but Ricciardo still wanted to do that. The answer is 'yes', but Ricciardo forgot after the race.

And so the Australian had to make up for the damage after the race. Behind the scenes Renault makes a video, in which Ricciardo can still do his 'Shoey'. The shoe goes off and is filled with champagne. Will it really be that tasty? The other drivers will in any case be happy that Ricciardo is not allowed to hand out his shoe at this time.

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