Ocon is gagged by Renault: ''Big chance missed as a team''

07-09-2020 07:43

Esteban Ocon drove from twelfth spot on the grid to an eighth-place finish during the Italian Grand Prix on Sunday. However, given the circumstances, Ocon did not agree at all with the enthusiastic words from his engineer.

A lousy start for Valtteri Bottas, a big penalty for Lewis Hamilton and the drivers of Ferrari and Red Bull Racing who are nowhere to be seen. The Italian Grand Prix was a great opportunity for mid-field drivers to grab points. AlphaTauri, McLaren and Racing Point took advantage, but Renault's factory team did not.

Ocon is gagged by Renault

The team finished in sixth and eighth place, but Ocon was not happy with his engineer.

"Fantastically done Esteban. Becoming eighth from twelfth is not a bad thing. These are good points for the team,'' Ocon heard over the radio. He then burst out.

"I don't agree with that at all. We've missed a huge opportunity here as a team." If his engineer asks him not to do this over the radio, Ocon goes through his engineer's message.

"No, we just have to keep the consequences in mind, but I realize this is not the place to talk about it," Ocon concluded when his engineer begged him to keep his mouth shut.

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