Leclerc don't like racing with a chance of damage: ''Tomorrow I'll race alone''

25-05-2020 13:25

Now that Formula 1 is at a standstill, the drivers have time to work on their sim racing skills. For example, Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc could be admired on Sunday at the Monaco circuit, with the damage to it.

Damage to Norris and Leclerc

Leclerc and Norris didn't like the fact that the damage was on, because they had to go to the pits a lot to change their front wing. Monaco in itself is a circuit where it's not easy to win a race, but between the simracers with the damage at maximum it's almost impossible for the Formula 1 drivers.

Present as commentator was YouTuber Tiametmarduk, who is also frequently seen in the F1 2019 game of Codemasters. This time, however, the gamer takes on the role of a commentator, watching how Norris and Leclerc are doing. Leclerc ends just outside the points to the hilarity of all the people on the stream and Norris ends his race a lot earlier.

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