Mercedes looks back in beautiful video on collaboration with Niki Lauda

20-05-2020 13:52

It's been exactly one year since Niki Lauda died after a nasty illness. As a result of his accident, the Austrian racing legend fought for his life several times and won that battle over and over again. Just before the Monaco Grand Prix last year that battle finally ended.

Lauda was a special figure in Formula 1, even before his accident. The Ferrari driver was known for being very fast, very professional, but also as someone who didn't mince his words. Not against his employer, but also not against the press or the fans.

At that time he wasn't popular with everyone because of this, but although his character didn't change with the accident in 1976, he did manage to command respect from everyone with the way he dealt with this setback. It enabled him to become world champion twice more and then play an important role behind the scenes at Ferrari and later Mercedes.

Especially at Mercedes he has left an indelible impression on the people he worked with in recent years. From Lewis Hamilton to Toto Wolff and James Allison, all were proud to have Lauda as part of their team and some even built a friendship with him. In this video, they share their best memories of Niki.

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