This is the unique technique that made Ayrton Senna so fast

23-03-2020 06:24

Ayrton Senna is one of the world's best Formula 1 drivers, if not the best of all time, but what made the Brazilian so special? An important feature of the triple world champion is explained in this video.

Senna does something unusual

It was Jonathan Palmer who brought it to the people for the first time. When the Brit joined McLaren as a test driver, he only found out what the Brazilian was doing. When Palmer found out, he was shocked. Senna was a second faster and made a big difference in the corners.

Where most drivers gradually get back on the throttle at the exit of the corner, Senna did something completely different. Halfway through the corner Ayrton started to push the accelerator several times, so he came out of the corner with much more speed. You can see exactly how he did this in the video above.

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