Are Ferrari having problems before the 2020 Formula 1 season starts?

28-01-2020 12:43

After a troubling 2019 Formula 1 season, Ferrari will be hoping they can finally put a season-long challenge to Ferrari. Their are rumours about Ferrari problems in the build-up to winter testing. Marc Priestley talks you through these rumours. 

Copy from Red Bull

Last week Charles Leclerc said he will happily wait for the 2021 world championship, but has "hope" for 2020. That's not usually the mentality that comes from the Italian team, with them wanting to win everything. 

At Ferrari, people wanted to copy Adrian Newey's high-rake concept, but they were disappointed in the wind tunnel. The copy turned out not to work as planned and that has led to great concern. Marc Priestley answers the questions about Ferrari, but also much more in his latest video.

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