Horner jokes about Red Bull team size: "You're all marketing"

21-11-2022 16:10 Last update: 21-11-2022 19:38


In the aftermath of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing once again comes out with an extensive behind-the-scenes video. The team gives a sneak preview with a compilation of some clips shot over the weekend.

Horner: "You're all marketing"

So Sergio Perez wondered whether the race would end in time to avoid missing Mexico's World Cup match and Christian Horner joked about the size of the team, claiming that everyone works in the marketing department and does therefore not fall under the budget cap.

Meanwhile, everything seems to be back to square one between Perez and Max Verstappen, who are jointly recording a video for the team. In the process, the teammates do not seem to have fully understood the rules of the game and are playing together instead of against each other. When it is explained to them that they have to take turns answering, Perez says to Verstappen: "I do Tag and you do Heuer."

Verstappen hits Marko

There is also footage from after the Abu Dhabi race, which produced yet another double podium for Red Bull Racing. We see a sodden Helmut Marko, after which Verstappen notes that he "hit the Austrian a little bit" with the champagne.