Leclerc stars in official 'launch trailer' of new F1 22 game

27-06-2022 19:24 Last update: 27-06-2022 21:09

Today the new Formula 1 game was launched. Codemasters, the developer of the video game, posted a new trailer to mark the launch, in which Charles Leclerc also plays a role.

Leclerc in new trailer F1 game

Several trailers of the new computer game have already been released, but today 'F1 22' has been released and is available to play for anyone with a console. Especially for the launch there is a new trailer showing intense images of the gameplay, but also other 'real' images that make the trailer even more intense.

As the icing on the cake, Ferrari driver Leclerc also plays a role in the trailer. We first see Max Verstappen's rival walking and then stepping into a street model race car. Through the images of the F1 cars, we also see the 'normal' car driving over the track. The trailer is enthusiastically received by the fans of the game.

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