Verstappen: "Whoever did that, I'll have a word with him"

25-06-2022 18:24 Last update: 25-06-2022 18:45

Max Verstappen needs to have a good word with the makers of the new Formula 1 game F1 22. Recently the Driver Ratings for the game were announced, and as it stands the reigning world champion scores somewhat low in the category 'Awareness'.

Verstappen disagrees with score in F1 22 game

A video in which he and team-mate Sergio Perez have to guess each other's score before it is revealed is full of hilarity. Verstappen scores a very high 98 and 97 in the 'Racecraft' and 'Pace' categories respectively, and jokingly says he paid the makers a bag of money for that score.

In 'Awareness', however, the Red Bull Racing driver remains stuck at 79, to which Perez wonders aloud if his teammate gets into trouble a lot. "Whoever who did that, I'll have a word with him," jokes the Dutchman.

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