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Wolff annoyed by Horner's comments: I'm glad they're happy

Wolff annoyed by Horner's comments: "I'm glad they're happy"

28-11-2021 07:35 Last update: 10:14


Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner says he is pleased with the FIA's new tests, which should eliminate any illegal rear wing from Mercedes. However, Toto Wolff insists that his team's rear wing is not showing any abnormal behaviour.

Horner thought he could see the difference in Qatar, shortly after the FIA announced the new tests. These won't be deployed until the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, but according to Horner, the announcement was enough for Mercedes to adjust the rear wing immediately. This was reflected in Red Bull's top speeds, which would be on par with Mercedes' for the first time since Silverstone.

Wolff, on the other hand, was trying to shift the focus to Red Bull, who he said had gained speed on the straight. Asked by the Mexican branch of Motorsport.com about his reaction to Red Bull's claims, the Mercedes team boss responded as follows: "Have you seen any data or pictures of the performance on the straight?"

Bickering between Wolff and Horner continues

Wolff also gave Horner a little jab on the back of his expressed satisfaction with the FIA's new tests. "The circuit in Qatar is less sensitive to power, so curiously I think they just did a good job. Their straight-line speed with the bigger wing is identical to ours, so I'm glad they're happy," quipped Wolff.

"We're going to Saudi Arabia, so maybe we'll hear some comments there again. I can't really follow the discussions that are started anymore. I made that decision for myself and for the team, because it's difficult for us to keep responding to the rumours that are made from their side," the Mercedes team boss sighed.

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