Honda: "Mercedes may have secrets, but they only have to ride it out"

27-11-2021 17:40 | Updated: 27-11-2021 21:30
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Honda: Mercedes may have secrets, but they only have to ride it out

Honda wants to say goodbye to Formula 1 with a bang. The goal: win both the drivers' and the constructors' championships. With only two races to go, that goal is far from secure. Masashi Yamamoto, managing director of Honda F1, looks ahead to the final sprint and the chances of championship leader Max Verstappen.

Looking back at the Qatar Grand Prix, Yamamoto thinks Verstappen had the best possible result. After a grid penalty, the Dutchman managed to come back from seventh to second place. "Second place was the best possible recovery," says the Honda chief in an interview with Autosportweb.

Yamamoto admits that tension is rising in the final stages of the championship, both at Red Bull Racing and Honda. "With two races to go, the current situation is tenser than it has been all season," explains the Japanese man.

Honda fears Mercedes' speed

Mercedes' top speed lately makes the Honda chief fear for Red Bull's chances in the constructors' championship. "We haven't lost in terms of points yet, but I don't feel we have the advantage. The situation is critical and the tension is rising," he continued.

Honda joins Red Bull Racing's suspicions about Mercedes' rear wing, legal or otherwise, but in the end Yamamoto believes it will make little difference. "Mercedes may have secrets, but they only have to finish the remaining two races, " said the Honda chief.

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