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Fixed rules: Everyone is in favour, except Verstappen

Fixed rules: Everyone is in favour, except Verstappen

26-11-2021 21:59 Last update: 26-11-2021 21:59


The defensive action of Max Verstappen on Lewis Hamilton is one of the most talked about moments of the last races. The big question was: was this allowed? Since then there have been calls for even clearer rules.

Max maverick

Most drivers would like more clarity on what is and isn't possible, states the Italian Motorsport.com. For example, the medium quotes Valtteri Bottas. "We don't know what we can or can't do," says the Finn. His teammate Hamilton adds: "All the drivers, except Max, ask for clarity, starting with respecting the white line and not crossing it. That didn't happen in Brazil. So if something is decided at Interlagos, it should be the same in similar situations."

So according to Motorsport, all the drivers agree with this. Except Max Verstappen. He doesn't want standardisation. "Everyone has their own way of racing, defending and overtaking, so I realize that for the FIA it is not easy to get everyone on the same page. Of course they decide, but every driver has a different opinion. As far as I'm concerned, the FIA explained its decision-making process, and in the end I think it was pretty clear." 


But then, yes, there is always Hamilton's reaction to Verstappen's words. "For me it's not. For me it's not clear," said the reigning champion.

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