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Schumacher wants to compete with Verstappen: Absolutely

Schumacher wants to compete with Verstappen: "Absolutely"

25-11-2021 20:15 Last update: 21:27


Mick Schumacher is in his first season in Formula 1. The driver is having a mixed year at Haas, mostly at the back of the field, but it doesn't stop the talented driver from dreaming.

The son of seven times world champion Michael Schumacher was put under a lot of pressure at the start of the season because of his last name. For the time being he presents himself very well in the racing sport. After a year of getting used to it, Schumacher is ready to perform next year, he told F1-insider.com.

He still looks at his father's achievements with admiration. "I have a lot of respect for what dad has achieved. Although that was very clear to me when I started. Because just the road to Formula 1 is tough, involves a lot of work and a lot of overtime. And when you get to Formula 1, it won't be less, because you have to do twice as much. The fact that my father has done this for so many years with so much success makes me proud and encourages me."

Schumacher wants to win world championship one day

Schumacher himself also hopes to win the world title one day. "Absolutely. Otherwise I would be in the wrong sport. I already have the feeling that one day I can become world champion. If I didn't have that feeling, I would take a car from someone else, just to drive it. That's not the case. I'm striving for success in Formula 1."

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