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Perez tests Verstappen on circuit knowledge: Are you telepathic?

Perez tests Verstappen on circuit knowledge: "Are you telepathic?"

24-11-2021 18:34 Last update: 19:03


Formula 1 made its first appearance at the Losail International Circuit in Qatar this weekend, providing Red Bull Racing with an opportunity to test their drivers' track knowledge. Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez and Alexander Albon took up the challenge.

Verstappen telepathic?

In the video, Verstappen and Perez have to take turns drawing the circuit based on hints given by the other. It's remarkable how good and fast Verstappen is with drawing the circuits. "Are you telepathic or something?", the Dutchman is even asked. His knowledge of the new circuit in Qatar also leaves nothing to be desired. Perez only gives a hint that the straight is 1.2 kilometres and Verstappen draws the whole circuit.

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