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Steiner expects Verstappen to win the world title: 'More motivation'

Steiner expects Verstappen to win the world title: 'More motivation'

24-11-2021 07:52 Last update: 10:02


Red Bull Racing and Mercedes don't only know each other on track this season. Both teams are also battling it out for the world title off the track, but according to Günther Steiner, that's understandable.

The Haas team boss was closely involved in the discussions about Lewis Hamilton's rear wing during the last two Grands Prix. According to Red Bull, the competitor was not following the rules and the FIA had to intervene. Steiner enjoyed the battle that ensued.

"They are fighting with everything possible," he explained in an interview with F1-insider.com. "Of course, it's also about the world title. Whatever means are used, as long as it's not unfair, I have no problem with it. That makes it interesting and keeps the season exciting."

Title battle between Verstappen and Hamilton

With two races to go, the fight in the world championship remains thrilling. For now, Verstappen is on top, but Hamilton is closing in fast. Still, Steiner has a clear expectation. "I think Verstappen. He is not yet world champion. Lewis is still hungry, but he already has seven titles. That's why I think Verstappen has just that little bit more motivation."

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