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Statement | Verstappen missed opportunity by not giving Perez a new engine

Statement | Verstappen missed opportunity by not giving Perez a new engine

22-11-2021 23:02


Sergio Perez failed to advance past Q2 in qualifying for this weekend's Qatar Grand Prix. The Mexican had to start from P11 but eventually finished fourth in the race. Should Red Bull have let Perez have a new engine to test how much extra speed it provides?

Perez missed out on the podium with the two-stop lead, as Red Bull didn't want to take any chances after multiple blowouts during the race. In the end, however, the team took a lot of points from Mercedes, as Valtteri Bottas crashed out after a puncture.

The result in Qatar means Red Bull are now just five points behind the German team in the Constructors' Championship. However, there is still the question of whether the team should have installed a new engine in Perez's Red Bull, although this might have reduced the team's points lead in the Constructors' Championship.

New engine Hamilton very fast

In Brazil, Lewis Hamilton picked up a new combustion engine, which is clearly a lot faster than his old one. Max Verstappen, therefore, didn't stand a chance in the race. At the Qatar Grand Prix, the Briton drove with his old engine again, but again he was too fast for Verstappen. It raises the question of whether Red Bull should not have tested with Perez how much horsepower a new engine produces. This could help the Dutchman in the last two races because he needs to win at least one more race to take the world title.

What do you think of the statement: 'Red Bull should have tested a new engine on Perez to help Verstappen in the title fight'? Let us know in the poll and join the discussion in the comments.

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