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Beautiful words for Alonso: For me, he is the best driver on the grid

Beautiful words for Alonso: "For me, he is the best driver on the grid"

22-11-2021 20:25 Last update: 23:03


Fernando Alonso took his first podium in seven years at the Qatar Grand Prix. Alain Prost, four times world champion and advisor of Alpine, is delighted with the result of last weekend. He is impressed by the Spanish driver.

"The overall view he has of the race is incredible. Like his feeling for the tyres, the statements he makes about the car and how he helps the engineers with his advice", Prost tells Marca. Alonso eventually managed to beat Sergio Perez for a podium spot by going for a one-stop.

Alonso is good for Alpine

"For me, he is the best driver on the grid." Alonso and Prost are considered two of the most successful drivers at Renault, now called Alpine. Both drivers achieved a lot of victories and podiums for the team in the past.

Alonso returned to Formula 1 this season after a two-year break. Prost admitted earlier that he had his doubts about bringing the Spaniard back. "Fernando has always told me that he has become a different person and I must say he was right. He does everything for the team and that is very good for us", says the Alpine advisor.

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