Alonso lucky in Qatar: 'Matter of a few corners'

22-11-2021 09:21 | Updated: 22-11-2021 11:56
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Alonso lucky in Qatar: 'Matter of a few corners'

Fernando Alonso put in an excellent performance at the Qatar Grand Prix, taking third place. After the race Alpine boss, Marcin Budkowski was proud of the Spaniard, as he told F1 TV.

The Alpine team had to work hard to secure third place for Alonso. Not only did the team do well during the race, but Budkowski admits Alpine was lucky. Alonso's tyres were so worn that it was to be hoped he didn't end up at the side of the track.

"We saved tyres early on, but we also understood that avoiding the kerbs was important and instructed our drivers to do that. On the last lap, I saw all the mechanics jumping, but I thought 'no, no, no, there are still a few corners to go'. To be honest, it was a matter of a few corners whether we would make it or not," Budkowski told us passionately.

Alonso on the podium again

Budkowski is relieved that Alonso is finally on the podium. "It was honestly high time for a podium for Fernando. I think everyone agrees that he deserved a podium with the way he's been driving this year, so it's great to see him standing there. The teamwork was good again, the drivers helped each other."

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