Alonso warns Verstappen and Hamilton: 'Ready to take the battle'

22-11-2021 08:42 | Updated: 22-11-2021 09:01
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Alonso warns Verstappen and Hamilton: 'Ready to take the battle'

Fernando Alonso stepped up to the podium at the Qatar Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon for the first time in years. The Spaniard set the third fastest time and did his team a favour in the constructors' championship. For Alonso it is just the beginning though, he said at the FIA press conference.

While Mercedes and Red Bull Racing are by far the strongest teams this season, there's no saying that will be the case next year. With the new cars coming onto the track in 2022, teams could suddenly make big moves. Alonso hopes Alpine will surprise.

"Well, it’s difficult to predict what is going to happen in the next few years," notes Alonso. "I would love to be in the fight with them and whoever makes a good car next year I think it’s a reset for everybody and it’s up to us to produce a fast car."

Alonso wants to win prizes again

Alonso explicitly states that he is ready to take on the fight. "It’s not like this year, which was a continuation of the last campaign but in 2022 everyone has the same cards so we need to play smarter and hopefully produce a fast car and if we are in that position I feel strong, I feel ready to take the battle and let’s see."

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