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Hamilton and Verstappen stand out: 'That's very impressive'

Hamilton and Verstappen stand out: 'That's very impressive'

22-11-2021 07:12


Nyck de Vries watched from the Mercedes garage as Lewis Hamilton dominated the Qatar Grand Prix. The Dutch driver enjoys the title fight, but notices the certain effect of 'orange glasses' in his own country.

During the race at the Losail International Circuit, there was an occasional switch to the Mercedes garage. There was also De Vries, who besides being a driver for the Mercedes Formula E-team, is also a reserve driver for the F1 team. The man born in Sneek saw Hamilton and Max Verstappen again standing head and shoulders above the rest.

Verstappen versus Hamilton

"Yes, and that's really impressive. It is a combination of the two best Formula 1 cars and their talent plus skill. I believe there are other drivers who are also very good, but they don't have the top material and momentum on their side at the moment. Max and Lewis are both having a super strong season'', says De Vries at the NOS.

"The outcome is not predictable. Both teams and drivers are so matched. You can't predict who will have the upper hand when and where. We have to wait and see. It's guesswork and can really fall in any direction.''

Red Bull versus Mercedes

With two races to go the teams are doing everything they can to disadvantage their opponents. After Brazil, Mercedes was still busy with a possible penalty for Verstappen and Red Bull is busy with the rear wing and steering column of the W12. De Vries states however that this is part of the job.

"I don't think the duel between Max and Lewis is outstripped by all the discussions. It is part of the fight. I think it is normal. Besides, if you only follow the Dutch media, the coverage is pretty coloured. But if you also look closely at the international press, the picture is very different," concludes the reigning FE champion.

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