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Hamilton prepared for final fight: Will be bringing our triple-A game

Hamilton prepared for final fight: "Will be bringing our triple-A game"

21-11-2021 16:45

In the final triple-header of the 2021 Formula 1 season, Lewis Hamilton claimed two victories and is closing in on rival Max Verstappen in the World Championship battle. The Brit is now only eight points behind his Dutch rival with two races remaining in the 2021 season.  

The Formula 1 circus will visit Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi after a one week break. The Saudi Arabia track is expected to favour Mercedes, whilst Abu Dhabi has been historically a Mercedes circuit but it has been changed and Verstappen won the race there in 2020. For now, Hamilton reflects on the triple header. 

"The last two weeks have been fantastic. Just amazing. There is no time for celebrations. I will be back with the team again next week and back in training tomorrow. Head down. To close down the points in these few races has been important. They are still very fast," Hamilton told Sky Sports. 

Battle for fastest lap 

Hamilton and Verstappen looked set to duel in a battle for the fastest lap bonus point. This was curtailed a little bit with a late virtual safety car and Verstappen ran away with the point. Hamilton sees this and knows he can't switch off in the battle. 

"With the fastest lap that you could see and both their cars getting past the others pretty quickly. So, we still have our work cut out. It's a shame for Valtteri today. I am loving it. I loved the first battle and the demands it puts on you and the team. In these last two races, we need even better performance. We will be bringing our triple-A game," Hamilton added. 

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