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Red Bull Racing rear wing problems not solved overnight
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Red Bull Racing rear wing problems not solved overnight

20-11-2021 12:34 Last update: 21:15


Red Bull Racing have been struggling with a flapping rear wing all weekend. During the second free practice the team were tinkering with Sergio Perez's car, but during during the third free practice it was mainly Max Verstappen who lost a lot of time because of the issue.

Currently, the upper part of the rear wing flaps when the DRS is active. The flapping leads to several problems, such as damage to the mechanism. Furthermore, the team of the Dutchman has already had to repair the rear wing, because more and more cracks are appearing. It could be that this problem has arisen because the parts have been around for a while now, but it could also be that Red Bull are pushing the limits. Still the British team will have to make do with what they have, as the DRS is a frozen component.

Red Bull Racing is favorite with FIA , says Wolff

Meanwhile, Mercedes do not agree with this treatment. Red Bull are also allowed to do repairs when the parc fermé rules apply due to the problems, but Toto Wolff thinks this is preferential treatment. Other teams are not allowed to do this either, so why should they? Michael Masi says the decision was made by mutual agreement.

"The thing is, if we see that something is let's call it systematic with the team over a number of events, then we ask them to make permanent modifications to that part. There's a whole lot of things that go into it. So no, I don't think there's any inconsistency at all," the Australian told Autosport.

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