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Button thinks Red Bull are bluffing: 'I don't expect it'

Button thinks Red Bull are bluffing: 'I don't expect it'

20-11-2021 09:49 Last update: 12:20


Red Bull Racing are still busy behind the scenes regarding Lewis Hamilton's flexible rear wing. The Austrian racing team wants to get to the bottom of the issue and been threatening to lodge a protest. Jenson Button doesn't expect much of it.

The team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez claims to have proof. This would show Mercedes infringing the rules with Hamilton's rear wing, giving the Brit more speed than Verstappen on an illegal basis.

Although Red Bull seem to be pretty convinced of the case, Button thinks the Austrians are partly bluffing. The former Formula 1 driver tells Sky Sports that he doesn't expect the team to have any evidence in hand at all, but is trying to get movement on the case in this way. "I don't expect Red Bull to know what Mercedes are doing," Button said.

Red Bull causes surprise for Button

The situation surprises Button, as the analyst for the sports broadcaster is used to Red Bull knowing everything when it comes to the so-called flexi-parts. However, that doesn't appear to be the case with Mercedes. "Red Bull are normally very clever at understanding these parts of the car, especially at the front of the floor."

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