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Red Bull may lodge protest: 'That will be hanging over this weekend'

Red Bull may lodge protest: 'That will be hanging over this weekend'

20-11-2021 08:18 Last update: 12:15


The Formula 1 season has three races to go, increasing the tension at Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. However, it is not just about the performance of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, because behind the scenes the rear wing of the Brit is the topic of the month. According to Olav Mol this might lead to a protest from Red Bull.

The commentator told Formula 1 Cafe about Hamilton's flexible rear wing. "The outside of the wing is hard, but the middle part is just very soft. That's what Max ended up feeling in Brazil. It bends open at 260 km/h even before the DRS opens. So you get an opening before the DRS happens And that is simply not allowed," believes Mol.

This week Christian Horner and Helmut Marko came up with new evidence to convince the FIA that they are right. Mol believes that Red Bull should take action when the evidence is clear. "If you think it's wrong, then you also have to submit a protest. It's not that far yet, but that will be hanging over this weekend."

Qatar Grand Prix has begun

On Saturday afternoon, the third free practice session is scheduled in Qatar. Verstappen set the first and third fastest times a day earlier, while Hamilton had to settle for fourth place twice.

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