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Jos Verstappen questions Mercedes car: ‘Never seen anything like it’

Jos Verstappen questions Mercedes car: ‘Never seen anything like it’

19-11-2021 18:37 Last update: 21:55

Red Bull Racing are questioning the car Mercedes are currently driving. There has been a lot of fuss about the adjusted ride height, which according to some is controlled by the steering wheel in the form of a new DAS system. Jos Verstappen also has his doubts about the rivals' car.

Last week, images surfaced of Lewis Hamilton appearing to pull his steering wheel towards himself while driving. Verstappen senior has his say about that: "That's really not wear and tear, as they claim at Mercedes. I don't believe that," says the father of the championship leader in conversation with The Telegraph.

"I am very curious what they are doing at Mercedes. Such an enormous difference in speed from one race to the next, I've never experienced that in my life", he continued. Verstappen believes the FIA should take a look at the competitor's car as a matter of urgency.

Last season Mercedes introduced the infamous DAS system, which allowed the drivers to adjust the position of the front wheels via the steering wheel. Verstappen suspects something similar is going on now. "They seem to be using it somehow now anyway, at least in Lewis' car," says the Dutchman. "A steering wheel is there to make a left or right turn, why would a steering wheel move from front to back?"

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