Dutch Grand Prix as an example: More music during race weekends

19-11-2021 09:48 | Updated: 19-11-2021 11:07
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Dutch Grand Prix as an example: More music during race weekends

Formula 1 were clearly paying attention during the Dutch Grand Prix. In Zandvoort, the volume of the music installation was turned up during every break to entertain the audience and now F1 is taking this idea further.

The Dutch Grand Prix was not only a success because of the action on the track, but all the fans on the circuit were also treated to a party-like event. With the music between all the action on the track, the fans hardly had a chance to be bored and there was always a reason to party. F1 now wants that party atmosphere at other locations as well.

The Netherlands as an example

''I think we are very consistent with providing a nice show off the track. You see what's going on. We also have to make sure that after the pandemic people go back out and enjoy life together. That's why you also see that we've adapted our approach with music and stirring up energy, that's what people like to see'', Stefano Domenicali told Motorsport.com.

In America, Mexico and Brazil there were already more focus on music, and that paid off. ''We see the positive reactions from fans who understand the approach and see that it doesn't have to be artificial, it's not fake. It's all life-like. We have to inject energy into it and then you see where we are now,'' the Formula One CEO concluded.

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