Marko thinks that it's 'Mercedes against the world'

19-11-2021 08:54 | Updated: 19-11-2021 10:58
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Marko thinks that it's 'Mercedes against the world'

Helmut Marko is not worried about Mercedes' 'Right to Review' on Max Verstappen's incident with Lewis Hamilton at the Brazilian Grand Prix. According to the Austrian, it will be a close call and he also points out the internal problems at Mercedes.

On Friday morning nothing is known about the outcome of the investigation. Will Verstappen get a penalty for his defensive action towards Lewis Hamilton in Brazil, or will the stewards stick to their decision? Marko expects the latter and is not too worried.

No penalty for Max

''It is complete nonsense. I can still remember Istanbul where Hamilton almost drove Sergio Perez into the pit lane. Mercedes' protest will be a fluke, we can bury it here in the desert'', Marko said to Kronen Zeitung. According to the Red Bull Racing advisor there is mainly unrest at Mercedes.

''The stabilising factor, Niki Lauda, is missed there. He looks like they are more tense now.'' In the paddock, Mercedes is also being looked at that way according to Marko. ''It's not Mercedes against the stewards, but Mercedes against the rest of the world.''

Although Red Bull and Mercedes are now looking at every detail of each other's cars, Marko also draws a line somewhere. ''We want to avoid making a protest during the last race. We trust the FIA. A protest is our last resort'', Marko concluded, hinting at possible action against Mercedes.

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