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Verstappen: Mercedes said they would complain about every little thing

Verstappen: "Mercedes said they would complain about every little thing"

18-11-2021 21:50 Last update: 23:34

On thursday before the Qatar Grand Prix it seems that the events between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in Brazil are not over yet. The same goes for an interviewer from Sky Sports, who asks the Red Bull Racing driver about his pushing of Hamilton off the track.

According to Verstappen, Mercedes' protest did not come out of the blue. "When they were disqualified they already said they were going to complain about every little thing, so it was kind of expected," he replied when asked by Sky Sports if he could understand Mercedes' protest.

Interviewer gets Verstappen out of trouble

Interviewer Ted Kravitz stokes the fire some more by talking about the Silverstone crash and asks: "Are you worried about the fact that Mercedes are now doing the same as you did at Silverstone by angling for a bigger penalty, after Hamilton - in your eyes - drove you off the track and into the hospital?"

Verstappen manages to hide his irritation pretty well, but stresses that the events at Silverstone were of a different nature. "He won the race and I was in the wall, so that's not really the same," reads the Dutchman's reply.

Verstappen: "We are not in kindergarten"

Kravitz, however, continues to fish for a response, asking if Verstappen would be okay with Hamilton pushing him off the track in one of the upcoming races without being punished for it. "If it had been the other way around in Brazil it would have ended exactly the same," he responds.

Would he then be at peace with a similar outcome? "Yes, it's just hard racing. We're fighting for the championship, we're not in kindergarten," Verstappen finished.

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